Collective Bargaining Agreement Auf Deutsch

Collective agreement for stimulating employment in and the competitive ability of the German textile and clothing industry, dated October 12, 2004 Art. In the event that service providers are changed, member states will have to ensure that staff for airside services are transferred to the new service provider and collective agreements respected. With Generations@Work, we are also well positioned to implement the German chemical industry`s collective agreement on working life and demography. Officially, the company is subject to a collective agreement that prescribes the achievement of the contractual working time on average of twelve months maximum. Swedish trade unions would also have preferred implementation through collective agreements instead of legislation, but this did not occur. One decisive step making this possible was the successful negotiation in advance of a collective agreement between FMG and the ver.di union, which gave AeroGround the competitive structures it needs to operate successfully in the market. In the second group of seven countries – Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway and Sweden – there is no national minimum wage, but sectoral collective agreements implicitly or explicitly set minimum pay rates for the employees in their area of coverage. In all of these countries, the legal minimum may be supplemented by minimum rates set in collective agreements – though the level and coverage of such agreements varies, as does the relationship of the minima they set to the national minimum rate. In collaboration with our research team, you will carry out qualitative research in Sweden (interviews with experts, representatives of public employers and unions), analyze documents (e.g. collective agreements), and participate in the preparation and interpretation of the data, the writing of a country case study and of the final report. Both the Belgian and Italian legislation is based on views jointly expressed by the social partners, while collective agreements play the main role in implementation in Denmark (as is traditionally the case), though with additional legislation to cover those workers not subject to collective agreements.

This long-term handling agreement with Lufthansa and the successful start of operations for AeroGround represents a key milesoltone for FMG on the way to restructuring its ground services activities. Belgian and Italian legislation are based on common positions of social partners, while collective agreements occupy the highest place in implementation in Denmark (in accordance with tradition) – although additional legislation has been adopted for workers who are not covered by collective agreements. The (s) holder (s) of the unit will largely take over empirical surveys in Sweden (interviews with experts, representatives of public employers and trade unions), analysis of documents (for example. B collective agreements) and will participate in the evaluation and written development of the results within the team (developing a case study by country, participating in the final report). . MEPs have also added some social provisions that will also apply to subcontractors. In fact, however, there are plans to use working time accounts to intercept medium-term utilization fluctuations (cyclical cycles and models).

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