Foxtons Letting Agreement

For further questions, please contact our property management team on Before you can rent a house in England, an owner must carry out passport and immigration checks before renting the property. As a general rule, they should be filled out personally with the original passport and visas, if any. In the event of a coronavirus pandemic, checklists of the right to rent can currently be made by video call with an electronic copy of your passport (and, if applicable, visa) by email. Yes, you can transfer directly to Foxton`s bank account. Please use your RX number or real estate address as a payment reference, and then send proof of transfer to so we can identify your payment. An example of how we use your personal data on this basis is data protection, anti-money laundering, estate and rental agency; Other laws, regulations and/or codes of conduct under which we are regulated and/or court decisions to which we are subject or to which we must comply, contact your local Foxton rental manager 72 hours before the extract to confirm the agreements. They can be reached Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. If you are unable to reach an agreement and have a guaranteed short-term lease, you have 3 months from the eviction date to directly address a dispute with the deposit guarantee system

A legal agreement to protect the rights of the landlord and tenant, which defines all the terms of the tenancy agreements. The notification must be notified in accordance with your respective rental agreement by delivery registered at Foxtons headquarters or by email You always have to refer to the agreement. 1) You recognize foxton as a source of matter. You must include such confirmation and Foxton`s ( web address in the copy of the material, and if the owner agrees to re-market the property, you will be responsible for rent and incidental costs as usual until a new tenant is found. They would also be required to pay the lessor the commission fees they paid to a lessor for the portion or the remainder of the un expired lease.

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