Power Purchase Agreement Alberta

Watch this short video or click here to learn more about power purchase contracts. To reduce the risk associated with the Burdett and Yellow Lake Solar Project, Bullfrog has developed a hedging strategy that reduces our commitment to the electricity market. But not all companies will want or should follow this path. For example, businesses with a power load in Alberta can essentially block their electricity prices. If you feel an AAE is right for your business, Bullfrog can work with you to assess your risk tolerance and develop a risk reduction strategy that meets your needs. “You have contracts that were signed 16 years ago and still had a few years to run. And those contracts came from the production of those plants in Alberta. They were not in possession of the facility, they looked at the power of the electrical energy produced by these facilities. They still had a few years to run, and the parties that held this edition, which had purchased these AAEs, had returned it to the unit known as the balancing pool. AESO covers all of Alberta and is the only wholesale electricity market in Canada that can currently go through virtual energy sales contracts. We have developed two of the largest renewable energy projects in Alberta for a total of 450 MW.

This represents an investment of approximately $1 billion and provides clean energy to more than 200,000 households. We have an additional 1 GW that are currently in development. Whether you`re looking for new generation capacity, renewable energy credits (CSR) or an Achanion contract (AAE), we`re doing the hard work to get there. If the NDP loses its case, it is likely that companies will be able to move away from their power purchase agreements (PPPs), which will transfer the risk of purchasing electricity to the state balancing pool. Once completed, the Burdett and Yellow Lake Solar Project will be the eighth largest solar project in Canada. It will produce enough renewable energy to power 6,400 homes. RBC and Bullfrog Power have a long-standing relationship dating back to 2005, when RBC became the first major buyer of renewable energy at Bullfrog Power. To date, RBC has purchased nearly 200,000 MWh of renewable energy from Bullfrog Power. In mid-2019, the two organizations entered into a purchasing partnership – a strategy that is emerging in corporate PPAs, where companies are partners in accessing larger projects, benefit from economies of scale and cost-sharing of implementation of these agreements.

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