Stud Fee Agreement Form

Third, and finally, if you look at the tax, make sure you know how many farms during the current heat cycle. Again, a general rule is three farms, but you do not have to follow this rule. Also, as mentioned, as you offer your stud services, some types of breeding only allow for breeding. Before you even start looking at a contract, it`s important to really take a step back and look at your breeding program. In general, farmed dogs are often ignored by the breeding world. What I mean by that is that your breeding dog really has to bring something special to the table so that other breeders can spend the money to use it. If you plan to offer only natural breeding, note that you limit your stud and breeding contract to dogs that are only in your general location. In addition, you have to consider a few other things in your contract, including: But once you have this breeding dog appreciated, there is the sticky material of contracts that you need to consider, and that`s what this article is all about. We take you from the selection of the perfect stud to the production of this contract of dog breeding costs and finally to all the problems that may arise. Now that you have your breeding dog ready for breeding, it`s time to see how your breeding dog is offered for services. Although we often think only of natural mating with dog breeding, science has opened the door for a breeding dog to be thousands of miles from a dog for which it is bred. You may not feel that this will affect you, but part of the one with a desirable male is also with a male that is accessible.

And in this day and age, that means you might have to offer several types of services to your breeding dog. In addition to the fees set, the owner of the dog must be responsible for transporting the dog to the stud farm as well as any costs. This includes picking up the stud dog when sending a collection to a dog too far away to go to the stud farm. It may seem like we`ve gone through a lot of information, but all the points before now are very important when you create a breeding dog contract. If you understand the ins and outs of your service, writing your contract becomes much easier if you sit down to begin with.

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