Usafe Sofa Agreement

NATO SOFA is the basis of the legal status of military, American civilians and family members living in Germany. As part of an additional endorsement, employees in Germany also enjoy privileges that are not granted to other service members stationed in other European countries. These agreements concern the status, entry and departure of the host country, military training on the territory of the host country, justice, prosecutions, taxes, import and export laws, driving privileges, employment, the post office, school education, housing and much more. Think carefully about your decision to get married or divorce during your stay in Germany. Marriage and divorce in Germany can be very different from those in the United States, marriage or divorce documents are not simply transferred or applied between the German authorities and different American states. Any divorce, whether abroad or back in the United States, can be very complicated and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for child support, child care, spousal property sharing and legal fees. Former spouses could apply for a court order for money, refer your commander to enforce a separation agreement, or any military obligation to support families. Since the Law Center cannot represent staff in the event of a divorce, you must seek the services of a German lawyer. First 31 information is general in nature and cannot be applied to any situation, for example. B the information may be different for Italian or European nationals (EU).

Finally, keep a copy of the termination notifications and the company`s response. The Community Service can help with the proactive termination of these services. However, military personnel (civilian, service or family) fall into an entirely separate category and are subject to the Status of the Armed Forces Agreement (SOFA). Remember, an alternative to signing up for this broken mobile phone contract is to get a prepaid plan. This way you know exactly how much money you can spend and cancel at any time. For more information, please contact the Stuttgart Legal Assistance Service at DSN 421-4152 / 2609, or Civ. 0711-729-4152 / 2609 or by email at You can read about the SOFA and the endorsement on German copyright laws are strictly enforced and our community has seen an increase in letters of request from law firms for illegal downloading or protected material. Such credentials may result in high fees or fines for those caught downloading or downloading media in violation of German copyright. The best method is not to participate in illegal downloads or downloads of copyrighted material. The consequences are simply not worth it.

Understanding how SOFA affects you, as well as some fundamental legal differences between the United States and Germany will ensure a more enjoyable overseas tour, and it can avoid unpleasant and potentially costly mistakes. Radars are much more common in Stuttgart and throughout Germany than in the United States. Unfortunately, the Law Center is not allowed to assist drivers who have received a speeding ticket or other traffic violations. Immediate payment of fines is highly recommended. Also be careful in dealing with brokers. Brokers technically work for the potential tenant looking for the property, but they are very familiar with the local owners. Landlords often have more than one apartment to rent and if their tenants are American, new tenants rotate every two to three years through their real estate.

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