Wea Master Agreement Waterford

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy is working to update this database in a timely manner. We invite school districts to help us by sending copies of new collective agreements or links to these agreements to admin@educationreport.org. At a time when we aspire together to have our students on campus, additional adults in buildings increase the risk to our community of students and faculties. We ask parents not to enter the buildings and to stay outside if they have to be on campus. If you need an exception, please contact nancydurrant@waterfordschool.org in the LS and bethhamideh@waterfordschool.org in MS/US. We encourage all affected parents to speak to their health care provider. Other questions can be asked of our nurse in katherinestokes@waterfordschool.org. Applications are only accepted online. To apply online, go to the borough`s website www.waterford.k12.mi.us and choose the “Employment” tab. Please include the statement of intent, CV and reference letter.

Please note that the employment for external candidates depends on the existence of all the necessary documents (for example. B Criminal history investigations and fingerprints). There will be no uniform mask requirement – we allow families, students and members of our community to choose the colour and style of the mask, but masks should be free of writing or slogans. We will be able to buy masks in our school store, RavenZone, both juvenile and adult in size. If you would like to buy a mask or other items from the school shop, please contact camihaderlie@waterfordschool.org. This database contains PDF copies of the collective agreements of each Michigan district for teachers, bus drivers, aides, office workers and other employees. Union contracts contain not only salaries and benefits, but also information on class sizes, employee evaluations, school calendars and more. Westfield Central School District and Instructional Support Staff Unit I, Westfield Instructional Support Staff Association (2009) . West Genesee Central School District and West Genesee District Food Lunch Managers (1995) . Woodstock, Town of and New York State Federation of Police (2016) (MOA) . We have expanded our pool of substitute teachers to ensure that we are covered in the event of teacher illness.

We will continue to develop our pool of replacement teachers throughout the year . . . Yes, at MS/US, during the transition period, teachers will set out to remind students to keep their physical distance and wear masks. Waterfords Deans is working hard to develop a specific protocol to maintain a healthy community. In addition, in accordance with the recommendations of the state, we will have clear signage to remind students. In the same way, in LS clear signage and teachers` memories will help students to remember and wear with our goals of physical strength and mask. Whitehall Central School District and Whitehall Central School District Non-Instructional Unit, CSEA (1999).

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