Enterprise Bargaining Agreement Uon

“We would encourage the NTEU to work with us at the negotiating table instead of further disturbing our students,” the spokesperson said. In a nutshell, haggling has not come far. After more than… Newcastle University staff have voted to escalate labour disputes over their enterprise agreements and will go on strike on 17 September, which has been described as “more disruption for students.” Members may not be aware, but negotiations on new agreements for university, professional and teaching companies resume this year, with current agreements expiring in June 2017. “The university is working to reach an agreement with staff representatives so that staff benefits and salary increases can be activated as quickly as possible.” Would you like a practical summary of what is on the agenda of NTEU Newcastle members in this round of negotiations!? The National Tertiary Education Union said members met Wednesday to discuss intense negotiations over the past two weeks and voted unanimously in favor of the strike. Our previous NTEU Bargaining Blog posts are also available below! The 2018 enterprise agreements replace the 2014 agreements. As has already been reported, NTEU members overwhelmingly authorized the Newcastle negotiating team and the branch committee to vote members for the right to … Members of Newcastle University`s National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) have worked hard to negotiate good agreements for all professionals, teachers and academics. While we… Welcome to our website NTEU University of Newcastle Branch Enterprise Bargaining. Read below our latest trading news, information and events. Good Business News 2018 HAPPY UoN PAYRISE MONTHS! Thanks to the NTEU members who were posted on October 10, 2019 by Jenny Whittard (Newcastle University) Thanks to the members of the NTEU – your UoN number is here! Members will be delighted to learn that our Union has received a 2% to 2% pay increase this month.

This salary increase automatically appears in your … Read more Or Leaflet Bulletin (7 MB) – PDF October is UoN payrise month – Thankyou NTEU members! Published: Oct 14, 2019 Tags: EB7, new, Information Share link: Publication Link Download our new flyer here and share it with your UoN colleagues! Tags: EB7, news, information Vote WITH YES for your new UoN EAs! Find out here from our NTEU Vote YES Flyer why! Posted 19 November 2018 by Jenny Whittard (University of Newcastle) Vote YES for your new UoN EAs! Message from NTEU Newcastle Branch President Tom Griffiths: Why should UoN employees vote for uoN Enterprise Agreements (EAS)? As a branch… Read more Bulletin or brochure (2 MB) – PDF Vote Yes! Published: 15 Nov, 2018 Tags: EB7, new, Information, Share link: Publication link Download your Vote Yes Flyer here! Tags: EB7, news, information supports AAs! NT EU Meeting Vote – Message Published on 14 November 2018 by Jenny Whittard (University of Newcastle) At today`s general meeting of NTEU members, an overwhelming majority of NTEU members adopted the following request.

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