Form 2 Site Agreement

Form 1A – Information Sheet (PDF, 113KB) Information document for potential home park owners. The form must indicate the date on which the termination takes effect and must be completed within 28 days of notification. Form 12 – General Notice of Increases (PDF, 152 KB) Use this notice to propose a general increase in local rent in accordance with the Manufacturing Residences Act 2003. Form 2 – Site Agreement (PDF, 283KB) Park owners and managers use this form to enter into an agreement on the site. It is a crime for a park owner to include a special prohibited clause in a location agreement. It is illegal for a park owner to intimidate an owner or try to intimidate an owner to terminate a website agreement. With the owner`s consent, QCAT can also order you to provide the owner with a comparable location inside the park for the positioning of your home if a comparable location is available. A land agreement is an agreement between a homeowner and an owner that allows an owner to rent a particular piece of land in a residential park to position his or her manufactured home. The agreement also gives the owner the non-exclusive use of public spaces and community facilities in the park. If you want to terminate a construction contract because you want to use the residential area for other purposes, you can apply for QCAT for a termination order. Certain types of special conditions are prohibited in location agreements.

These terms are contained in the Residential Building Regulations (Residential Parks) 2017. Website Notice Release (PDF, 166 KB) Park owners use this form to conduct a contract review when the general increase date for the contract review occurred after May 24, 2020 and a general notification of an increase was made prior to June 8, 2020. Form 3A – Termination of the location agreement by the owners during the cooling-off period (PDF, 106 KB) Use this form to terminate a site contract during the cooling-off period. Form 4 – Notification of termination – by mutual agreement (PDF, 182KB) Use this form if there is mutual agreement to terminate the agreement on the site. The procedure for increasing land rents has changed in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Under the new regime, market rent increases will be limited for the period from March 19 to December 31, 2020. Since a location agreement is a contractual agreement, it is recommended that the parties get legal advice before the contract is terminated. Section 14(9) Note (PDF, 143 KB) Park owners use this form to inform owners to increase the site`s new rent on the basis of CPI. It will change the owners` payments to the amount specified in the notice of contract. Form 14 – Utility Cost Note (PDF, 156 KB) Use this communication to inform of a change in local rent due to a change in circumstances related to incidental costs.

If the potential owner/buyer terminates the transfer contract during the cooling-off period, the transfer of the owner`s interest is deemed revoked. They are not required to pay the owner a sum based on the amount that must otherwise be paid under the contract. Park owners and owners/managers must complete a site contract (Format 2) (PDF, 299KB) if they agree to enter into a location agreement under the Manufactured Residences Act 2003. New forms of housing have been published today and can be viewed here. Form 8 – Form of disposal (PDF, 224KB) Owners use this form to assign their interest to a website agreement to a person wishing to purchase their manufactured home.

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