Landowner Trapper Agreement

Here is a summary of the preparations you must follow to maintain good relations with landowners and their neighbours and deal with the inevitable objections to your legitimate hunting, fishing or fishing activities: the land use agreement form is not a contract, it is simply proof of consent that can be revoked at the request of the landowner simply through communication with the trapper. Proof of consent is required by the Ministry of Ontario for natural resources and forests before a capture can take place. Land use forms are not uncommon to be valid for several years when there is a positive relationship and open lines of communication between a landowner and a trapper. Here`s why. Not everyone supports hunting, catching and fishing, or even understands that these activities require training, licensing and are highly regulated to ensure both public safety and modern wildlife management. Neighbouring landowners, for example, may have experienced previous episodes of transgression or even wild poaching on their land. Or maybe they`re just against harvesting wild animals or they have a strong aversion to guns. Or maybe they`re animal advocates. I was confronted by anti-hunters who approached me in the fields, who were wrongly accused of assault and illegal parking, who were confronted with false accusations from a nearby landlord of raining down on their house, and spending time meeting the provincial police on the side of the road, all in conducting legitimate hunting and fishing activities. Not only that, but I have spoken to many hunters, trappers and fishermen who have had similar and, in some cases, even more dramatic experiences. As a hunter, trapper and fisherman, it is up to the landowner to take all necessary measures to ensure that your access to our host`s property is responsible and respectful. For example, in the middle of a busy fall harvest, nothing could be worse than finding out for the owner that your vehicle is blocking their access to their crop.

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