Massage Therapist Contractor Agreement

If the company pays an “hourly rate” to the masseur during the period during which he or she works, mark the first check box. This selection requires additional items provided in the language it contains. Enter the dollar amount that the masseur earns for each hour of work in the first empty place of this count, the amount of the dollar earned for each 30-minute session on the second empty line, and the dollar amount that the company pays for each 15-minute session that the masseur makes available at the last empty station. The second checkbox declaration defines the salary rate of the massage therapist as a percentage of the fees received for the services provided. If this is the case, mark the checkbox statement with the name “percentage” and note the percentage of collected fees that the masseur should wait on the empty point before the percentage. If none of these statements describe exactly how the massage therapist`s payment is determined by the company, mark the third check box and indicate the exact method that the company will use to calculate the massage therapist`s remuneration in the blank lines after the word “other”. The third article, entitled `Customs duties`, also contains an area in which information must be provided directly. The blank lines according to the statement “The contractor`s obligations are as follows” should be used to describe the obligations that the masseur must fulfil in order to fulfil the obligations under this Agreement. The compensation that the masseur would have to expect for the fulfillment of his obligations must also be recorded in this paperwork. The article entitled “IV.

Payment” allows you to accomplish this task easily. Choose one of three control boxes to define how the massage therapist`s pay at work is for the company. In the other sections of an agreement dealing with independent contractors, a company may provide descriptions of how the paperwork is managed and who manages it. It could also indicate who is responsible for the intermediation of problems that arise between the masseur and the company. As a general rule, contracts also list the dates of departure as well as the course and reasons for termination. It is also clear that the contractor is not an official employee and is responsible for managing his own taxes. The masseur must sign his name on the blank line marked “signature of the contractor” at the end of this page in order to formally conclude this agreement with the company. The first task of documenting a contractor contract with a massage therapist is to download a copy.

This can be achieved by clicking on the “PDF”, “Word” or “ODT” button to access this contract as a pdf file or word processor. In general, it is recommended to provide information with an on-screen editing program, but you can open the PDF version with your browser to print it. In either case, save the file you are using on your computer to facilitate access and future use. Sometimes, an independent employment contract for massage therapists provides for a non-competition clause. In this section, it is a question of whether the masseuse can serve customers within a certain radius of the company when she leaves the company.. . . .

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